Finding and Evaluationg Library Sources

February 1, 2010 rachaelmichellebeer



“Obesity.”  Advameg, Inc, 2010. Web. 1 Feb 2010.

“Prejudice Against the Obese and Some of its Situational Sources.”  The Situationist Staff. 5 Aug 2007. Web. 1 Feb 2010.

Park, Alice.  “The Obese Feel More Discrimination.” Time, Inc. 11 April 2008. Web. 1 Feb 2010.


a). This article discusses when a person is considered obese, how people become obese, health risks that can occur from obesity, and the discrimination obese people face.  The aspects of this source I would use for my paper is the discussion of discrimination.  The article describes parts of life where the discrimination occurs.  There is a lot of discrimination in the workplace, social aspects of life, and when it comes to receiving health care benefits.  Then the article goes on to discuss good ways to get obesity under control as well as how to maintain a healthy weight.

b). The article explains different types of discrimination obese people face.  It discusses that fewer obese children go to college or that there are more obese unemployed people than thinner, healthier unemployed people.  Workplaces discriminate against obese people when it comes to hiring and wages.  Obese people are also discriminated against by nurses, doctors, and by insurance companies.  Discrimination of obesity begins in school; many children go through school being made fun of for their obesity.  Many people make judgements of obese people just by looking at them.  There are many stereotypes geared towards obesity.

c).  Obesity is rising in the Unites States; as well as the discrimination against obese people.  The struggles that obese people go through are also discussed.  Such as, finding a job, buying a house, applying for loans, even being treated poorly by police.  There was a study conducted to track patterns of discrimination.  If a person feels they are being discriminated against, they might have significant consequences on their mental health and health.


All of the sources seem trustworthy.  The publication dates are all somewhat recent (the first one was published this year, one in 2007, and the other in 2008).  There is not a name stated as to who the authors are of the articles, but the websites they are on seem trustworthy as well.  There is obvious bias in the sources, however there are still statements made that are true.

************ I have changed my topic from previous blog because after during further research, I realized I do not understand enough medical terminology.

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